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Website Rules for Registered Users

This website is created and maintained as a source of information regarding Amateur (Ham) Radio and various related topics including, but not limited to;

Swaps, Ham-ventions, Ham Conventions

DIY Projects

Rig (Radio/Shack) set-up and/or maintenance

Other articles or info intended as entertainment, information or advisories

Registered Users agree to abide by all rules as established by the site creator/owner/maintaner/administrator and his/her/their "appointees".  The General Rules for the use of are created to prevent malicious attacks on persons specifically named who are considered "non-public" and to allow Registered Users to post informational/educational/entertaining articles, photos, web links and content to for other users to enjoy, be they Public (visitors), Registered (members) or Administrators.  These rules may be changed/enhanced/deleted at any time by the site creator/owner, with or without prior notice.  The site creator/owner also reserves the right to limit access, ban and/or delete a Visitor or Registered User(s) and his/her account(s), info and any and all log-in information at any time, with or without prior notice, for any reason deemed to be in violation of the website rules.

The rules for use of are as follows:

  1. Users shall not engage in "personal attacks" upon anyone on - EXCEPT FOR THE SITE OWNER, N8BMB -  who is NOT considered a "Public Person".  A "Public Person" is defined by as follows;
    • A "Public Government Official" (Federal, State, County, City) or an individual/company/corporation/organization under a signed contract with said "Municipality" or Government Office.
    • A Sports Star/Team Member/Team Coach/Team or Franchise Owner of a "Professional Sports Team" (NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS/NFL) and also to include Teams and/or Franchises of Major, Professional, International Sports Teams/Franchises, Olympic Participants/Athletes.  This EXCLUDES minor league, "little league" or teams/sports organizations where the participants are NOT compensated or paid to play.
    • A Police Officer.
    • A Firefighter.
    • An Emergency Medical Technician for a Private Ambulance Company under a signed contract with any municipality.
    • A Security Officer/Guard under a signed contract with a municipality.
    • An Owner/CEO/CFO/COO/Chairman/Boardmember of a LARGE company/corporation/organization that sells goods and/or services to the general public and/or a governmental entity/municipality.  This also includes Public Utility Companies such as Electric/Natural Gas/Phone service providers and also includes Cellular Phones and/or Internet Providers.  Also included are companies/corporations/organizations that are "Publicly Traded" on ANY stock exchange or board/listing such as the NASDAQ, NYSE, S&P 500, et, al or the like either domestically (U.S.A.) or Internationally.
  2. Content of any article created and/or posted by Members (Registered Users) may be subject to approval by the website creator/owner and/or his/her appointees (Administrators) and may be "unpublished", removed and/or deleted at any time, for any reason with or without prior notice given to the Member.  Content of articles MUST NOT violate any Copyright, Trademark or similar laws of the United States or other country.  ANY article that is "re-published" or "copied" to MUST include the original authors name or, at the least, credit given to the original author of said article and location from which the article(s) is/was taken from (if possible).

  3. Any articles, content and/or photos "up-loaded", "published" or "posted" to become the property of and may continue to be used in other articles created by other members, administrators or the website creator/owner even after the original "poster", "publisher" or "up-loader" is no longer a member or registered user of Photos may be of any LEGAL subject, EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:
  • Nude, partially nude, pornographic images/videos.
  • Photos/images or videos of children engaged in or showing nudity or pornographic activities.
  • Since this is NOT a medical or medical reference site, NO photos of gore, internal body parts, sexual organs, dissections or ANY image/photo/video that bears any resemblance to the same or that could be considered/construed as "offesive" to others or members (I know - this is kind of a stretch here - but I HAVE TO say it anyway!).

4.  Members or "Registered Users" sign up voluntarily, with no compensation given or implied to the member or the owner/creator of  No compensation is in any way implied to a member for ANY article, post, image, video or publishing of said content to  ALL postings, articles, images, videos or content of articles are provided to voluntarily by the member without coercion, threats, or promise of payment, fame, contract or any type of compensation.

5. Use of the Chat or Profile/Bio pages also fall under these rules.  Therefore, personal attacks, spamming, harrassing, stalking or any of the like are not permitted.  These offenses are subject to the user or member being placed in time-out (Chat Feature), suspended, banned or removed from the website and all access blocked.

These rules may be added to or changed at any time without prior notice given to members.  These rules are intended to attempt to relieve members and the owner/creator of from some, but not all, lawsuits related to postings, articles or postings to  As with ANYTHING in the United States of America, a lawsuit can be filed by anyone, at any time for anything.

Please - THINK BEFORE POSTING!  I really don't want to see anyone get sued for stupid shit!





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